Our Story


We are Flo & Jean, the founders of GFURN. Since we first met in 2011, we have shared a great love of designer furniture. Our business GFURN grew from this common passion as did our story…

The idea of GFURN emerged while we were buying our first apartment; at that time, we had a combined background in marketing and finance. As young professionals, we wanted to bring a fresh new interior design to our first home, and the one thing we have always agreed on is our shared passion for modern design, trendy decor and stylish furniture.

After leafing through interior design magazines, reading design blogs, walking in modern furniture shops and antique dealers, we realized our limited resources and modest budget would allow us to furnish our space with a deft mix of design and quality. We found there were many furniture retailers who generally sold reproductions of the iconic mid-century modern furniture designs we were in love with. However, we were often disappointed with the price-quality ratio: products with imitation leather, more polyester than real wool, cheap materials, all of that resulted in a poor-quality finish and still sold with high price tags.

We realized there was an open niche we could fill in the market for affordable, design focused furniture, with an emphasis on pieces inspired by 20th Century design classics, expertly constructed from high quality materials.

Consequently, we decided to trace back the supply chain in order to buy directly from the manufacturer. Here is what we found:

  • Prices in the furniture retail market industry are exorbitant compared to the cost to manufacture furniture.
  • Manufacturers do not want to sell to individuals.
  • There are thousands of suppliers around the world and there are major disparities in the quality of manufacturing/craftsmanship.
  • Today, global freight transport logistics and customs regulations are very complex. 


Furniture is different from other products we buy. It’s big. It’s bulky. It’s fragile. Importing furniture is not the same business as importing clothes for example. It requires perfect logistics, large warehouse space and experienced people to handle and move furniture from one point to another. And, more importantly, if you want furniture that will age well, the focus must be on high-quality materials and excellent craftmanship.


So, we are doing something very different with GFURN. We use the manufacturer-to-consumer business model. We negotiate and work directly with the manufacturers, selling our products straight to you – there is no middleman involved.

We ship from our favorite factories around the world directly to our warehouse. We are the importer, the distributor and the reseller—all at the same time. We eliminate a large percentage of the costs involved with furniture by getting rid of expensive retail stores, wholesalers, agents and other unnecessary layers to sell you a product direct from the manufacturer. Hence, we keep prices low while also offering exceptional quality and giving our customers a huge role in the furniture creation process. We allow you to customize your furniture with a large range of materials and colors.

Unlike the big retailers, we offer cool designer furniture with iconic nuances and original elements. No mass-produced, assembly required, non-customizable pieces. We introduce fun colors. One-of-a-kind designs. Expert craftsmanship. Distinctive finishes. 


We have a strong focus on quality: our handmade, custom-built products are carefully sourced from manufacturers who must comply with our stringent quality control standards. We choose the materials and craftsmanship that go into each piece of our furniture. We pay more for higher grade materials from factories committed to practicing age old handcrafting traditions. This is our priority. By using beautiful woods, luxurious cashmeres and wools together with premium aniline leather for our upholstery, we have set ourselves apart from the many online companies offering inferior products.


That’s how GFURN was born. We are passionate and excited about our business, and ultimately, we want you to be happy with your purchase, as you may expect.

GFURN’s mission is to source and buy furniture from around the world and sell it directly to you. We’re driven in creating and maintaining a platform where you can shop and mix different styles to your heart’s content. We are committed to continually broadening our product offerings to include more modern original furniture designs.

Thanks again for having confidence in GFURN and believing in our company and products, because on our side we still have a lot to accomplish for you—helping you furnish your living and work spaces to perfection!